Wee Town Outlaw Speedway

Wee Town Outlaw Speedway

This is what remains of Wee Town Outlaw Speedway (also known as Lake Region Speedway and West Central Speedway) northeast of Fergus Falls.  This was once a very cool place to watch stock cars and outlaws.  Fergus Falls Journal wrote an interesting story about this place back in 2007.

Wee Town Outlaw Speedway

Originally opened in 1962, the speedway went through multiple owners and several periods of inactivity over the years.  In 1986, high water began to become a problem at the speedway, and the track was closed from 1987 to 1989.  It reopened in 1990 before closing down for good in 1993.  What you see above is how it looked in 2012, nineteen years after it shut down.  The pits and a good portion of the track are completely flooded.

Racing at Wee Town Outlaw Speedway, 1990
Screenshot from Corey Litton’s video. Racing at Wee Town, 1990.

For an interesting contrast, I actually found a long-form video which features racing at the Weetown Outlaw Speedway when it reopened in 1990.  The first part of this video is recorded at the Red River Valley Speedway in West Fargo.  Jump to the 1:35:00 mark (that’s one hour, thirty five minutes) to see racing action at the Wee Town Outlaw Speedway from 1990 courtesy Corey Litton.

Wee Town Outlaw Speedway

Wee Town Outlaw Speedway

The former water truck sits in about three feet of water on the track infield.

Wee Town Outlaw Speedway

Wee Town Outlaw Speedway

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Photos by Troy Larson, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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15 thoughts on “Wee Town Outlaw Speedway

  1. I remember hearing the roar of engines coming from this track when I was younger. Good times.

    I’m confused – what does the dnr or the county have to do with the track closing? It was always a swampy area and several seasons of high moisture basically turned it back into a slough. You can’t fight mother nature.

  2. very kool picsof a time gone by…we had a small speedway years ago between Adams,N.D. and Park River,N.D.,closer to P.R. tho

  3. I would have liked to see pictures when it was up and running, old race pictures in black and white and color photos of the track in its days of operation, It would nice to clean up and have a reunion for all the racers and pitman and families to share the memories, just my thoughts

  4. Love the footage from the Wee Town Outlaw Speedway! My wife and I used to go there back in 1979-81 when I was in seminary at Lutheran Brethren Schools. Not the fanciest bull ring around but some good racing. And I’ll never forget the track announcer Tiltin’ Hilton!!

  5. My dad won a Budweiser night there he still has pics of it. The week before that he was pushed off of turn three into the woods.

  6. my dad built this track and raced it as well as 2 of my brothers. In fact my mother still lives next door. We have many stories and my brother Ron is one of the race announcers at I 94. So feel free to ask him questions. Lots of great memories there.

  7. lets get it cleaned up as a big race team and get it pumped out and lets get it going again lots lots of work we all can be a team

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