Carnegie Library — Superior, Wisconsin

Carnegie Library — Superior, Wisconsin

Although this is not a Minnesota place, it was just across the bridge from Duluth, so I took the opportunity to visit Superior, Wisconsin to snap a few pics.

Built in 1901, this is one of two Carnegie libraries in Superior.  It is on Hammond Avenue in a working class part of town.  It is presently vacant and undergoing restoration.

You can read much more about this library here.

This was the main library in Superior until 1991. Believe it or not, the City Council voted to demolish this building, but the destruction was stopped via restraining order.

Photos by Troy, copyright Sonic Tremor Media LLC

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  1. I was there July 26, 2013. To answer Susan’s question, the sign out front says: “Historic Building FOR SALE $125,000 Contact Bob Swanson 218-343-4359.” Great price, except the rehab costs would probably run $300,000 or so. I suspect they’d give the building away if they knew it was going to be rehabbed.

  2. My wife and I looked at the Carnegie building over 10 years ago. At that time there had been a fire but the roof structure was still intact and the damage was mostly confined to the interior. The price at that time was around 40K. The problem was that the surrounding area was zoned residential and the City would not even consider a variance to allow a Gift shop or Bed and Breakfast. The issue was parking requirements. How sad to see this iconic piece of history still lingering on demolition due to short sightedness and uncooperative local government.

  3. The Friends of the Carnegie Library, LLC, have worked hard to maintain this beautiful and historically significant structure. The building includes a large adjacent lot that could provide more parking space. The “fire” referred to in an earlier post was confined to the HVAC room in the lower level and the building, did not sustain any structural damage and is a structurally sound building. While it was true the City wasn’t supportive in the past, that has changed significantly. The LLC now has the full support of Mayor Hagen and the City Council. There has been great interest in this building and the potential for renovation may soon be a reality.

  4. We are SO excited to be hosting a community event at this library on September 12, 2015! Inside the building we will be hosting between 50 and 60 local businesses, crafters, and vendors and there will be food and games outside. Live music and fun for the whole family!

    There will be an opportunity for those who attend to donate. All proceeds will be going towards the maintenance and restoration of this beautiful piece of our history!

    Check it out:

  5. I am looking for interior pictures. What is the size of Land? Are there Historic restrictions? What are the yearly taxes on the property? I am interested in buying?

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