Fergus Falls State Hospital: Part Two

Fergus Falls State Hospital: Part Two

Neal Miller of Dilworth, MN sent in these beautiful photos of the Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center, formerly Fergus Falls State Hospital — an asylum.  Neal’s comments accompany some of the photos below.

This is part two.  See part one.

MPR has a nice article on the FFRTC here.

…leading up to the private rooms of the resident doctor and his family

Even now, the doctor’s rooms have a stately air

Doorways meant to open onto Italian balconies, which were never completed

Pleasant room for an autumn evening

One of the last groundskeepers to work at the old center still volunteers her time to keep things tidy

Photos and captions by Neal Miller of Dilworth, MN.

11 thoughts on “Fergus Falls State Hospital: Part Two

  1. I’ve been wanting to check this one out for awhile now after my girlfriend informed me of it a few months ago. Have you ever seen the Broken Down Dam in Fergus Falls? That might make a nice addition to the site.

    1. I’ll second the suggestion that the Broken Down Dam needs to be added to the site.

      It was built in 1909 – by a contractor who had NO prior dam experience and was for the former municipal electric utility. There should be a story online somewhere about the day the dam broke – basically, the operator on duty noticed the lights dimming and the machinery acting oddly. He noticed water leaking into the power house and he woke the relief operator and both of them bolted from the power house once they noticed more water was starting to come in. They no sooner reached the safety of the riverbank than the whole thing collapsed. The release of water destroyed several bridges and small dams in Fergus Falls. The owners of the newly completed Dayton Hollow Dam southwest of town scrambled to get down there and get the floodgates opened and saved the dam.

      There are actually FIVE dams on the Otter Tail River in the Fergus Falls area – Taplin Gorge, Hoot Lake, Wright, Pisgah, and Dayton Hollow. All are still in use and still generating electricity.

  2. I am amazed at the pictures taht capture this asylum!!! I am so grateful that this has been spared from the wrecking ball. Thank you nfor those of you that have worked so hard to keep it from being destroyed. A big piece of MN history!!!

  3. I enjoyed the pictures. I’ve had the opportunity to have done some work here as a contractor. I have been all over the hospital. There are rooms that are blocked off. I even saw casket, with a partial glass top that was used for viewing. I wanted to use the fire escape (its a slide about 4 stories high.)

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